Climate Hero Bjorn Lomborg Talks To John & Ken

We have been trying to get climate expert Bjorn Lomborg on the air John & Ken Show for the past three years!

For those of you who haven't heard of him, Bjorn Lomborg is the bestselling author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and Cool It along with numerous academic books and publications. He is a visiting professor at Copenhagen Business School and a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. He has worked with more than three hundred of the world’s leading economists and seven Nobel laureates.

Bjorn's new book False Alarm - How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet hit the bookshelves this week and will finally talk to John & Ken today at 3:30p.

Bjorn just wrote this piece for Fortune:

What is the point of climate change policy? To make the world a better place for all of us, and for future generations.
In my new book,False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet,I analyze a lot of ways to make smart climate policy—and many that unfortunately waste resources. But we also need to ask ourselves the broader question: If the goal is to make the world a better place, is climate change policy the most important thing to focus on?
Certainly, it is one thing we should focus on. We must rein in temperature increases and help ensure the most vulnerable can adapt. But today’s popular climate change policies of rolling out solar panels and wind turbines have insidious effects: They push up energy costs, hurt the poor, cut emissions ineffectively, and put us on an unsustainable pathway where taxpayers are eventually likely to revolt. Instead, as I document throughout the book, we need investment in innovation, smart carbon taxes, R&D in geoengineering, and adaptation.
But we also need to recognize that reducing global warming is only one of many things we can do to make the world a better place.

Listen to John & Ken talk to Bjorn Lomborg below.

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