Teen Sentenced To Juvenile Detention For Not Keeping Up With Online Studies

In a story that should prompt other students to keep up with online schoolwork, a Detroit judge has sentenced a 15-year-old girl to more than two months in juvenile detention -- because she slacked off on her online studies.

The girl, identified only as "Grace," has had trouble self-motivating since her school went online because she has ADHD, her mother says

Without much live instruction or structure, she got easily distracted and had difficulty keeping herself on track, she said.

“Who can even be a good student right now?” said Ricky Watson Jr., executive director of the National Juvenile Justice Network. “Unless there is an urgent need, I don’t understand why you would be sending a kid to any facility right now and taking them away from their families with all that we are dealing with right now.”

Nevertheless, a judge found Grace -- who was on probation for an earlier incident -- guilty of "failure to submit to any schoolwork and getting up for school," court documents reveal.

The decision, they say, flies in the face of recommendations from the legal and education communities that have urged leniency and a prioritization of children’s health and safety amid the crisis

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