America's Symbol Had To Be Rescued On Independence Day

Photo: Getty Images

In what might be a fitting symbol for the current times, America's national symbol itself had to be rescued on the 4th of July.

Steve Lewis, with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, scaled a tall spruce near Ernest Gruening Cabin in Alaska to untangle the injured adult female bald eagle trapped about 40-feet up.

"She was up about 40 feet [12 metres] in a Sitka spruce tree," said Kathy Benner, general manager of the Juneau Raptor Center.

The Eagle had been caught in "some sort of cable or wire," Juneau Raptor Center GM Kathy Benner told The Juneau Empire. Benner said they also recently responded to a crow tangled in fishing line. Adding that it's an important reminder to pick the stuff up.

"We feel pretty good about the rescue, especially on Independence Day," Benner said.

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