Lancaster Performs Fireworks Show in Defiance of L.A. County Officials

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LANCASTER (CNS) - The city of Lancaster defied the fireworks ban imposed Monday by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health by holding a public fireworks show yesterday.

The fireworks started after 9 p.m. Saturday and lit up the sky over the city. The show was carried live and replayed on Facebook.

The performance garnered mixed reviews on the social media site. "I have more fireworks going off on my block (over my house) than there is there!! It's insane!!'' said Yvette Vargas Lopez.

Jennifer Limpus addressed her remarks to Mayor R. Rex Parris. "Worst fourth of July ever!! I am living in a war zone right now. My dog is going to have seizures from bombs going off since 1pm. Thanks r rex for making setting off this insanity.''

Our very own KFI News reporter Steve Gregory was the invited to sit with the Lancaster Mayor as he launched an illegal fireworks show.

Bruenetta Mae Miner approved. "So beautiful thank you Mayor Rex Paris we are very grateful God bless America.''

Many, including Cheryl Avery Shain, considered the fireworks a stand against Gov. Gavin Newsom. "Thanks for the fireworks R Rex Parris. Glad to see someone standing up to Gruesome."

The City Council voted to move forward with the display at an emergency meeting Saturday, granting Parris' request for authority to issue a permit and sign a contract with a fireworks vendor for a show.

"The city has considered all risks and feels confident in our ability to safely host a show,'' Parris wrote on the city's Facebook page. " A show our residents deserve after a year of continuing challenges.''

"When you look around here, this city is the safest city in Los Angeles County. If you look at the number of hospital admissions and our death rate -- we are the safest city,'' Parris told KTLA.

The mayor said the display would be safe for the public as long as viewers remained in their vehicles or if they wore masks when outside one. He added that those who do not wear a face covering would be cited.

"We absolutely know, wear your mask, wash your hands, don't touch your face and nobody needs to die. And nobody needs to shut down America,'' he said.

An earlier vendor that had planned to put on the show at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds pulled out over the county ban. The show was to be based at the Lancaster Soccer Center, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Officials did not allow the public to congregate at that location, but the display was visible from spots throughout the city.

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