Tax Increase Causes L.A., Orange County Gas Prices To Rise


LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The 3.2-cent statewide increase in the gasoline tax began showing up in the average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline today, with increases of nine-tenths of a cent in Los Angeles County and 1.3 cents in Orange County.

The annual automatic tax increase tied to inflation to pay for road and bridge repairs went into effect on Wednesday. It customarily takes a few days for it be fully passed along to drivers.

The tax increase has been balanced by a drop in the wholesale price “because a pause on reopening the economy has created worries about fuel demand,'' said Doug Shupe, a corporate communications & programs manager with the Automobile Club of Southern California.

The average price in Los Angeles County had changed by two-tenths of a cent or less six of the previous seven days, including Thursday, when itwas unchanged, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service.

The Los Angeles County average price of $3.087 is 1.5 cents more than a week ago and 12.9 cents higher than a month ago, but 71.8 cents less than one year ago. It has decreased 52.8 cents since the start of the year.

The Orange County average price of $3.071 is 1.4 cents more than one week ago and 14.5 cents higher than one month ago, but 68.8 cents less than one year ago. It has decreased 47.4 cents since the start of the year.

Photo: Getty Images

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