Lancaster Mayor Plans to Defy County Order, Will Hold Fireworks Show

The mayor of Lancaster is taking a stand and says the city will hold a Fourth of July fireworks display despite a countywide ban against it.

Mayor Rex Parris says this is the time to show pride as a nation and will only cancel the show if there is scientific proof that his plan will not be safe.

"This is America. This is our birthday, and it is the worst year that we have ever experienced. We have had more things smack us in the nose than we could ever imagine."

The show is normally held at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, but state officials have retracted their permit for the display.

Parris is looking to get a protest permit from the health department, making the gathering a demonstration.

The mayor stresses that families would have to stay clustered together and masks would have to be worn during the show.

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