KFI’s John & Ken: Remembering their early radio days as music DJs

Thank you to Richard Wagoner who is a San Pedro freelance columnist covering radio for the Southern California News Group.

Richard caught John & Ken recently talking about their humble radio beginnings when they spun records for $8 an hour in Atlantic City.

They are the guys that can drive you nuts. John is actually much like me, often taking the absurd position either for fun or just declining to research it out fully. Ken is usually the more subdued, slightly more thoughtful of the pair. But they are always entertaining, and they are one of the consistent bright spots in local programming, whether you agree with their positions or not.
You may know a little of their history: They arrived at KFI after a stint at Live 101.5 in Trenton, New Jersey, where they became locally famous for helping organize a protest against a huge tax hike made by then-Governor Jim Florio after he took office. A crowd of 65,000 people attended the rally, which is said to be one the largest ever held in New Jersey.

Richard's write-up has a few links of John & Ken broadcasting in the early days. Check them out !!

Read Richard's write-up here and send him an email. rwagoner@socalradiowaves.com

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