Tribeca Films Announces Drive-In Movie Program at the Rose Bowl

After movie theaters had to close their doors due to COVID-19 and safer-at-home orders, piling your family in the car and taking them to the local drive-in has become a popular way for families to bond while still safely social distancing. Now, in an effort to help provide entertainment for residents around Southern California, Tribeca Films has announced a partnership with IMAX and AT&T to bring drive-in showings of iconic films, comedy acts and more to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Beginning July 2nd, the Tribeca Drive-In series will feature movies with a variety of themes that include modern classics and all-time audience favorites like:

The drive-in series is scheduled to take place each weekend (Thursday through Sunday) throughout the summer, beginning July 2, 2020, running through August 2, 2020. The limited-engagement series is meant to help provide families with a safe, comfortable entertainment experience that will captivate audiences of all ages as people begin to emerge from lockdowns brought on by the coronavirus.

Tribeca Film Festival Co-Founder and CEO Jane Rosenthal says the program is meant to help bring people together through the arts and send a "signal of unity and resiliency to the world during challenging times."

“As an immediate and safe solution, we’re excited to bring new and classic works from filmmakers, creators, and artists to communities across the country through the Tribeca Drive-In series," said Rosenthal. "As the nation begins to emerge from months of quarantine, we look forward to movie theaters reopening and hope that the Drive-In serves as a reminder of the magic of the movie-going experience.”

Tribeca also partnered with Comedy Dynamics to bring audiences a one-of-a-kind stand-up comedy and entertainment experience scheduled for July 9-12. The four live comedy events will also be taped for wider distribution later and is one of the first tapings with a live audience since the pandemic began.

“The Tribeca Drive-In series is a tribute to movies and the shared experience of watching them, even if from our cars. In anticipation of theaters reopening imminently, we look back at what we love about the big screen experience,” added Tribeca Enterprises and Tribeca Film Festival Co-Founder Robert De Niro.

People wanting to attend an event can purchase tickets beginning today at, with a percentage of proceeds donated to Black Lives Matter. As part of Tribeca Films and AT&T's appreciation for workers on the frontlines of the pandemic, essentials workers are being offered complimentary access and reserved tickets on the first night.

“We’re always looking to create new experiences for our fans and are excited about this unique collaboration with Tribeca and IMAX,” said the NFL’s Blake Stuchin, Vice President, Digital Media Business Development. “Watching great NFL content and classic movies in NFL stadiums on big screens in a safe, socially distant way will be a thrill for all in attendance.”

You can view the full programming schedule and get tickets for a show here.

Photo: Getty Images

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