Dr. Fauci Outlines New Testing Strategy As U.S. Sets New Single-Day Record

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the White House Coronavirus Task Force are looking at a new strategy called 'pooled sampling' that could potentially boost U.S. testing capacity.

'Pooled sampling' combines tests for multiple people at once... If the test comes back negative, then all the patients can be considered negative with just one test. If it comes back positive, each sample will be tested individually.

Fauci told The Washington Post that the best way to find virus infections is "by casting a broad net".

“Something’s not working,” Fauci said of the current approach. “I mean, you can do all the diagramming you want, but something is not working.”

This new strategy comes as the U.S. just set a record that nobody wanted to set...

About 40,000 new coronavirus cases were reported on Thursday, marking a new single day record high. The previous one-day record was about 36,000 new cases that occurred on April 24, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Nearly 2.5 million have tested positive and nearly 125,000 have died. Around the world, nearly 9.7 million have tested positive and nearly 500,000 have died.

Read the full report on The Washington Post.

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