How The 'Batman of San Jose' Is Helping The Homeless

A 19-year-old caped crusader is hitting the streets in San Jose, California to help the homeless!

The young man (who doesn't want his real name used), dresses up in an elaborate Batman costume to walk around handing out food to people living on the streets. He said he started his 'Batman' mission last summer, and when people notice his outfit, they'll notice what he's doing "and then they'll notice the problem."

"If I don't continue going, then I don't know if these people will be seen and represented as they should be," he said. "So, I put as much time and effort into it as I can."

He always pulls a wagon filled with food, water, and other supplies that he's bought with his own money.

"I get food a couple times a week from this guy," homeless resident, Justin Turner said. "I don't even know how he does it."

"Batman" added that he hopes his mission makes others remember that people who don't have a place to live, are still people...

"Sometimes a conversation is more than enough to help," he said. "Just because you know, you feel human again."

Click HERE to donate to the 'Batman of San Jose'. And check out the full story on ABC7.

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