All Registered California Voters Will Be Sent Mail-In Election Ballots

On Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that will require all county officials to mail out voting ballots to registered California residents ahead of the November election.

Citing large groups of people and the associated health risks at public polling places, Newsom had asked the California Assembly to require mail-in ballot voting in response to the coronavirus pandemic back in May... But it wasn't approved until now.

"No one should have to risk their health and possibly their life to exercise their constitutional right to vote," Assemblyman Marc Berman of Menlo Park said in a statement. "In the midst of a deadly health pandemic, giving all California voters the opportunity to vote from the safety of their own home is the responsible thing to do."

The bill passed on Thursday with a 68-5 vote by the Assembly. The opponents were all Republicans.

But even though all counties must send out mail-in ballots for the upcoming election, Newsom said that in-person polling places will still be available for those California residents who prefer them.

"Expanding vote-by-mail statewide is a necessity to protect our right to vote and our public health," Alex Padilla, Secretary of State as well as the state's chief elections officer, said in a statement. "Voting by mail has worked safely and securely in California for decades. Mailing every voter a ballot for this election is simply common sense."

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