Thanks, COVID... Major Airlines Are Now Banning Alcohol On Flights

If you're used to having an alcoholic beverage (or two) to take the edge off when you fly, you're probably not going to like this news. Major airlines across the world have stopped serving in-flight alcoholic beverages in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks again, COVID...

This is on top of the already changed in-flight service that has curbed most interactions between flight attendants and passengers.

Delta is one airline no longer offering alcohol on domestic flights, however you still can order drinks on any of their international trips! And American Airlines only offers beer, wine, and spirits now... But that's only for their First Class passengers, or on those long haul flights. Other airlines with suspended drink service include Easyjet, Virgin Australia and KLM Airlines in Europe.

Since the worldwide spread of COVID-19, most all airline companies have limited or completely suspended their in-flight beverage and food services. Some are said to only be offering bottles of water to their passengers now, making flying a much more sobering experience than some of us are used to.

Read more on CNN.

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