Irvine Police Arrest Suspected Fabio Bandit

SANTA ANA (CNS) - The suspected Fabio Bandit was behind bars today on suspicion of robbing a bank in Irvine.

Ryan Ray Staples, 21, of Morgan Hill in Santa Clara County, was arrested following a holdup at the Bank of America branch at 4500 Barranca Parkway, Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

Irvine police were called about 3:40 p.m. Tuesday to the bank when a silent robbery alarm was activated, said Irvine Police Department Sgt. Karie Davies.

The robber handed a teller a note demanding money but no weapon was seen, Davies said. The suspect left the bank with cash in a clear plastic bag, Davies said.

Bank workers trailed the suspect to get a better look at him and officers found Staples walking around in a business complex across from the bank, Davies said.

Police recovered the stolen money and suspect the robber changed his clothes after leaving the bank, Davies said.

Police found the discarded clothing dumped in a trash can near the bank, Davies said.

Staples, who was given the nickname because he resembles actor Fabio Lanzoni, is a suspect in a robbery of a bank in Tucson, Arizona, April 3, said FBI Special Agent Chris Gicking.

Staples was arrested in New Mexico in connection with the Tucson bank robbery, then freed after posting bail, Gicking said. Tucson police said Staples was unaware of who Fabio was.

Staples was being held on $100,000 bail in the Orange County Jail.

Gicking said he expects the prosecution will be handled by federal authorities.

Photo: Getty Images

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