Man Interrupts Press Conference, Tells Australian PM To Get Off His Lawn

An Australian homeowner is so serious about his lawn, that he told the Prime Minister himself to get off of it...

Australian PM Scott Morrison was holding a press conference in the city of Googong to announce a new home renovation loan program. Morrison was in the middle of announcing the governments donation of $480 million U.S. dollars to support an Australian construction sector that was hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

But during the conference, a man emerged from his house and interrupted, "can everyone get off my grass, please?".

“Come on, I’ve just reseeded that,” the unnamed local shouted at Morrison.

Watch the video below:

Morrison obliged the man, giving a thumbs up and an "all good." He then stepped over onto the sidewalk to finish his speech.

Read the full report on Reuters World News.

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