Looters in New York City Are Fleeing In Luxury SUV's

Photo: Getty Images

As the New York City protests have continued, the looters haven't stopped as well.

Cameras have shown that the looters in New York City are pulling up to stories in luxury SUVs. One car that came through was a pricey Rolls-Royce. Footage on social media shows the cars showing up to loot upscale luxury retail stores.

Justine Miller and Keith Feldman recorded a video that shows a group of men in masks hopping out of two cars. They then proceed to smash through the door of a store in Soho while carrying out boxes."

“Looters are literally pulling up in nice cars and cleaning out stores in #Soho. What #Curfew?”Feldman wrote on Twitter.

One of the men can be heard shouting, “Come on, come on!” before the apparent thieves jump back in their luxury rides and drive away.

“That’s a $500,000 Rolls Royce on the right, incredible,” one observer wrote on Twitter.

A twitter user identified one of the cars as a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which they claim “starts north of $300k.”

The name and location of the shop in the footage were not immediately clear — nor was it clear if police were called.

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