After Looters Destroy Stores, a Community Comes Together To Clean Up

Photos: Getty Images

Despite the fact that some of the peaceful protests to demand justice for George Floyd's tragic death devolved into chaos in several cities when some in attendance decided violence and looting was the way to show their anger, there was still hope that we will get through this together.

All over Southern California, local citizens came together, some bringing their own brooms, cleaning solutions and dustpans to help store owners clean up their stores, clean graffiti off buildings and sweep up broken glass.

Even a National Guardsman patrolling an area in Long Beach hit hard by looters last night was moved to tears while he was speaking to a young man.

It was all heartwarming sight to see after a night of destruction.

The county of Los Angeles has announced another curfew tonight from 6pm-6am in an effort to stop more incidents of destruction and looting.

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