Texas High School Holds Socially Distant Ceremony At Speedway

We have some good news to share.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has hit, the class of 2020 has had their graduation ceremony taken from them. It's a heartbreaking moment for seniors and parents.

Little Elm High School in North Texas found a way to safely hold their commencement though!

"It's graduating in the middle of a pandemic," said graduating senior Ricky Morales.

"This is just a day that we've all worked so hard for," said class president Karmen Brown. "And just the thought of it not possibly coming, it broke so many of our heart."

In actual Texas style, they made the ceremony big for the seniors. The district worked with Principal Elizabeth Priddy so the ceremony could be held at the Texas Motor Speedway.

You know the same place that hosts NASCAR races and the world's largest HDTV.

"When we had this opportunity presented to us, it was like, 'That's it. We're outside. We can social distance. And it's a huge venue,'" said Priddy.

Since this was such a successful event. At least 32 other schools will hold their ceremonies here. The students will remain socially distanced and parents will have to watch from their cars.

Most high schools are sending their seniors off with car parades or drive thru graduations, but it was nice for Texas to find a way to host a traditional ceremony even if safety measured needed to take placed.

"Even though this isn't how any of us thought our senior year would end, we have made the most of it," Morales said in his speech.

This moment and crisis will last with these kids forever and they already sound grateful.

"Appreciate the little things, because it's those little things that are actually the big things, and don't take those for granted," Priddy said.

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