Survey Finds Only 49% Of Americans Would Get COVID-19 Vaccine

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research recently conducted a poll in which they asked over 1,000 Americans what their expectations were in regards to a coronavirus vaccine. Their team found that most Americans expect to see a vaccine to fight the virus sometime in 2021. However, only about half of those polled said that they would actually get COVID-19 vaccine if available.

The nationwide AP-NORC survey was conducted May 14-18 by a probability-based panel of NORC at the University of Chicago. Interviews with 1,056 adults found that if a vaccine against the coronavirus becomes available to the public, 49% said they will get the vaccine.

"Those planning to get the vaccine are doing so primarily to protect themselves and their families," the survey states. "But many also want to protect their community and believe widespread vaccination is necessary for life to go back to normal."

Among the 20% of those who said they will not get the vaccine if/when it becomes available, the majority cited their fear of potential side effects as the main reason why.

The poll also stated that among all Americans, "79% say that a vaccine is an important criteria for re-opening activities and businesses in their area, including 46% who say it’s essential for re-opening, and 33% who say it’s important but not essential. Among those that feel a vaccine is essential for a safe re-opening, 65% would get immunized when a vaccine is available."

Read the full report on AP-NORC's website.

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