Mask-Shaming MSNBC Reporter Called Out By Local Resident On Air

Reporter Cal Perry was doing a live segment for MSNBC News this week in Wisconsin when a man passing by called him out for his hypocrisy. Perry had just complained on air that "no one" was wearing masks at Lake Geneva during the Memorial Day, when the man walking by immediately added "including the cameraman... half your crew's not wearing them."

“There you go, including the cameraman. Yeah,” Perry responded, clearly embarrassed.

And of course, it immediately went viral on social media...

Watch videos of the on-air call out below:

The man who called him out, local resident Andy Olson, said that Perry even tried to turn the camera on him and shame him instead.

"It backfired on him big time...” Olson said. “It exposed him for his hypocrisy. The camera guy is there in plain view with a mask around his neck.”
“Good thing it was live,” Olson added. “I thought it was just a local guy – never did I think it was MSNBC doing a live report.”

Read the full story on the New York Post.

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