Loyal Dog Waits At Wuhan Hospital For Three Months After Owner Dies

A seven-year-old pup has officially proven that dogs really are man's best friend, after waiting three months for his owner to return from being admitted to a Wuhan hospital for the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the dog's owner passed away five days after coming to the hospital with his dog...

A woman who runs a supermarket inside the Taikang Hospital in China noticed the patient dog, and then learned about his owner's death.

“Although Xiaobao can’t speak, we understand that he is definitely still looking for his owner,” she told reporters.

Days later, even after the staff tried to drop him off somewhere else, he soon returned waiting for his owner. So the woman decided to take care of the pup, and renamed him Xiaobao, or 'Little Treasure'.

“He never left the hospital," she said. "It was incredibly touching, and so loyal.”

But after some hospital visitors complained about the dog roaming the hospital, the staff had to take him to the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, where he was treated by vets and sterilized. Now, Little Treasure is in an animal shelter waiting, again, for someone to take him home...

Read the full story on the New York Post.

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