Garcetti Says Runyon Canyon Park Reopened Under COVID-19 Safety Measures

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The popular Runyon Canyon Park was reopened today, although it is being closely monitored by city personnel under COVID-19 safety guidelines, Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

Visitors are still required to wear masks at the park, and people will have to walk in a one-way loop on its trails in order to maximize social distancing.

“Make sure when you're out there, wear a mask,'' Garcetti said. “A lot of people still aren't wearing masks, and especially in a place like Runyon, which can get crowded, make sure that you have that on because you're going to come into close contact with people.''

Los Angeles park rangers are stationed at the entrances of the park as well as Department of Recreation and Parks staff to count the number of people entering, Garcetti said.

“Enjoy it. It's back. That's one of the greatest places in L.A.,'' Garcetti said.

Earlier in May, when golf courses, tennis courts, beach trails and hiking trails at other city parks were reopened, Garcetti kept Runyon Canyon Park closed because of its popularity and the high risk of people contracting COVID-19.

Photo: Getty Images

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