@DarkSecretPlace - Girlfriend Shuts Off PS4, Boyfriend Sums Up the Pandemic

Living in Coronaville has not been easy for any of us. A lot of us lost jobs, gotten sick, or had our lives flipped upside-down over the last 3 months. During these times, it's important to cling to the little things that give us pleasure, and take our minds off of things. For some, like Bryan Suits, video games serve as a entertaining pastime. It offers an escape from the recycled routine that the pandemic has forced upon us. Unfortunately, however, with the extra hours of free time at their disposal quarantined gamers have been spending more time, and attention on games, then they have on their significant others. TikTok user @Jakesavicki decided to do something about it.

Bryan Suits gave his feelings on the matter during Super Hyper Local Sunday.

Do you agree with how this girlfriend handled her inattentive boyfriend? Let us know!

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