When Can I Travel Again?! Here's The Latest Updates for Tourists

As Summertime approaches, many people are wondering if it’s safe to travel...

Some countries that have seen minimal cases are beginning to open their borders for travel, but warn that things could change if the coronavirus cases begin to rise again. Here’s a look at some countries to consider if traveling is still on your Summer to-do list:

Australia and New Zealand have agreed to implement the "trans-Tasman travel bubble," which allows travel within neighboring countries once it’s safe to do so. The agreement would allow travelers to go between countries without a 14-day quarantine, and the same system could later be adopted by Fiji as well. Australia and New Zealand are looking at international travel to resume possibly in October.

The Bahamas and Greece are looking to open for travel on July 1st. Dubai is also looking at a July opening.

Germany hopes to reopen by the end of the summer, and Indonesia will allow international travel starting in October, but only to regions such as Bali, the Riau province, and Yogyakarta where the coronavirus has been pretty well managed. Italy will open to EU citizens on June 3rd, and even though travelers won’t have to quarantine, strict social distancing guidelines will be required.

Portugal and Spain hope to open borders in June or July. Spain will allow for international travelers, however Portugal isn’t currently open to international travel at this time.

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