San Francisco Reopens Parks With Painted Social Distancing Circles

When visitors enjoy San Francisco's newly-reopened parks over the Memorial Day weekend, they're going to find they look a little different than they used to!

To promote social distancing, the city has painted big white circles on the grass. Each family that shows up at a San Francisco park is invited to claim one of the circles, which they can sit in to "relax and enjoy the parks safely," says Recreation and Park spokeswoman Tamara Aparton.

"The social distancing circles, which will be in four San Francisco parks in advance of Memorial Day, is a pilot program," she said. "Like masks and signage, we hope the circles will serve as another visual reminder to use our parks safely by social distancing."

Among the properties that have been adorned with safety circles is Dolores Park, which made headlines earlier this month when crowds of people showed up and ignored social distancing guidelines.

“We wanted to have them in place before Memorial Day weekend in four different parts of the city to see how it went,” Aparton said. “It’s going to be warm this weekend and we knew people would be out, so we thought it would be a good time to get feedback on whether this helps.”

For more information, visit KTLA.

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