Woman Blocks Freeway, Has Sign Claiming She's Daughter of Serial Killer

A woman blocked traffic on an Orange County Freeway for over an hour, displaying a painted sign that claims she is the daughter of a serial killer.

The California Highway Patrol was called out to the scene of a car stopped near the center divider on the southbound 55 near Del Mar Avenue.

Written on the back window of her car was "TX 45 killer is my dad."

While it wasn't entirely clear who she was referring to, a corridor along the I-45 in Texas was nicknamed the "Texas Killing Fields" because multiple bodies of murder victims were found there over the years since the early 1970s.

The murders were thought to be the work of multiple suspects, a few of which have been caught.

Authorities closed both sides of the freeway and were able to take her on without incident.

An investigation will be done to see if she does have a connection to the Texas cases and whether she is in need of a mental health evaluation.

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