70% of Consumers Rather Watch Movies At Home Than The Theater

Photo: Getty Images

For months now, COVID-19 has impacted the entertainment industry, specifically the movie theatre industry. New study finds that 70% of consumers rather watch a movie at a theater.

“Just as the country begins to open up there has been a swing toward increasing caution, with a majority of Americans clearly saying ‘not yet’ when it comes to attending large public events,” says Jed Pearsall, president of Performance Research.

Across just about every major industry sector, respondents have grown more fearful about stepping into public spaces: 39% say they’ll attend major indoor concerts less often, up from 33% in March; 36% say they’ll attend theme parks less often, up from 26%; and 33% say they’ll attend theater and performing arts venues less often, up from 29%.

“Event organizers should take notice,” says Pearsall. “Fans of all types of events can identify significant milestones and new safety precautions that will get them back. Simply opening the doors will not be enough.”

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