Dr. Scott Atlas Joins The John and Ken Show

Dr. Scott Atlas is a Hoover Institution senior fellow and recently joined the Fox Report to share his latest perspective on the coronavirus pandemic.

"There should be no fear and panic anymore. We know that. We know who the virus impacts. We know who to protect," Atlas said.

He also said he believes America has now reached a point where we can protect those who are most at risk of the virus, all while opening the country back up.

"We also understand how to socially protect with distancing and other sorts of sensible measures elderly people who have no risk factors in our family or friends. But that does not mean locked down," Atlas said. "Everything we should be opening up, for instance, K-through-12 schools, despite this sort of sensationalistic and really tragic headlines that we see on the news now with these very rare complications, that does not change the overwhelming evidence that we have."

This afternoon, Dr. Scott Atlas will join John and Ken live on air to answer a few of their own questions. Make sure you're listening to KFI AM 640!

"[Ninety-nine point nine] percent of infected people have mild disease or zero symptoms," he added. "It's not a death sentence to get this disease. There's a sort of a loss of rational thinking here going on."

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