Bay Area Gift Shop Reopens With New 'Gavin Newsom Nonessential' T-Shirts

While most California retail stores are waiting for Governor Gavin Newsom to give them the green light to open back up, one gift shop decided it was time to stop waiting.

Mary Guercio owns Out of Envelope, a gift shop in Los Gatos, and she said they opened their doors to the public earlier this month.

“You are allowed to walk into Safeway and you are allowed to walk into a lot of places,” she said. “They have their guidelines in place. We have the same guidelines.”

Customers are allowed to browse and shop inside, as long as they wear a mask and stay six feet apart.

“We understand what to do, how to do it and I don't think we need government to tell us how to do this,” Guercio said. “I know Gavin Newsom wanted us to flatten the curve, I can't flatten my income. I was fed up before but now I’m really fed up.”

One of their bestsellers since opening back up is a shirt that says "Gavin Newsom... Nonessential."

“He summarily said decided after eight weeks we were not essential,” Guercio said. “I’m essential and I matter and I do matter.”

Read the full story on KTVU News.

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