Korean Soccer Team Apologizes After Using Sex Dolls in Stands

A South Korean soccer team had to apologize over the weekend after they were accused of setting up sex dolls in the stands during a match on Sunday.

FC Seoul expressed "sincere remorse," adding that they were attempting to add "an element of fun" during Sunday's match over the visiting team, Gwangju FC.

The sex dolls were provided by Dalkom, which manufactures sex dolls, according to the company's website.

Some sports leagues have returned to play games in Korea, albeit in empty stadiums until the risks brought on by the coronavirus pandemic are alleviated. Players on pro baseball and soccer teams in Korea have been playing in front of empty stands.

While people weren't happy with the club for using the sex dolls as substitute fans in the stands, the team was triumphant in their match against Gwangju FC, 1-0.

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