Homeless People Must Be Moved From Living By Freeways

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If you live in Southern California or even visited, there is no doubt you've seen the homeless camped out by the freeways.

In Los Angeles County, it's their trademark. It's almost a guarantee that by every freeway entrance, there is a a homeless encampment.

Well not anymore.

A judge just issued an order in LA County that all homeless living by freeways must be relocated because of health concerns.

Homeless residents living near freeways are being exposed to lead and other carcinogens as well as being hit by cars, Judge Carter wrote in the ruling.

“As with many issues involving individuals experiencing homelessness, no party appears to be addressing this problem with any urgency,” Carter wrote.

This now means close to 3,000 - 4,000 people will be relocated. Of course there is no real plan and no one knows where, so why make this ruling?

Nobody wants to see encampments in neighborhoods. At least by freeways they are away from our kids who may be playing in their front yard.

The challenges this order risk is far more difficult than the good it would bring.

“Everyone’s committed to seeing this through,” Daniel Conway, policy advisor with the alliance, said. “The challenge becomes, how high are we aiming here? Are we trying to meet thresholds for the sake of a legal settlement or are we trying to fundamentally change how we deal with homelessness?”

Conway appreciates Judge Carter doing something and being tired of no action being done, and hope it compels other leaders to get on board.

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