California Based Company Claims They've Found A Cure For COVID-19

A COVID-19 antibody breakthrough is expected to be announced at some point Friday afternoon... The California-based company called Sorrento Therapeutics claims it has discovered an antibody that not only protects humans from coronavirus, but also flushes it out of bodies within just four days.

"We want to emphasize there is a cure." Sorrento Therapeutics founder and CEO Dr. Henry Ji said.

He says STI-1499 provides "100% inhibition" of COVID-19 - meaning, "you don't need the social distancing. You can open up a society without fear." Ji adds that, because there aren't any side effects, STI-1499 can even be used as preventative. He says it blocks the virus from entering the body and prevents it from multiplying inside those already infected. Therefore, the virus will just simply die off.

"This is the best solution," Ji added. "The point of making a vaccine is to generalize a neutralizing antibody. So, if you already have one, you don't need to the body to generate one from a vaccine. You've already provided it. You're cutting out the middleman."

Read the full report on Fox News.

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