Garcetti Says People Must Wear Masks or Facial Coverings While in Public

California Allows Some Retail Businesses To Re-Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

Residents in Los Angeles will now be required to wear masks or facial coverings while they're out in public, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced as an executive order Wednesday.

The order does not include children under 2-years-old and people with disabilities, or who have repiratory problems.

“You never know when you're going to bump into somebody around a corner in a park and see somebody,” Garcetti said. “Have your mask with you when you leave your house.”

Masks are already required for those people who use public transportation after several Southern California ordered the requirement for riders on Monday.

“Today's orders also simplify this for all Angelenos. We're requiring all Angelenos, except for small children or those with disabilities that might be harmed by a face mask, to wear a face covering,” Garcetti said.

Some streets in Los Angeles will also ban motorized vehicles this weekend in order to allow people to have more space while biking and walking, however a map or list of those streets that will be partially or completely closed was not provided.

“This is really tough work. And I want to remind you, this is about saving the lives of people we know,” Garcetti said. “It pisses me off when I hear people say, `Oh, those are just old people.'

“Because you know that so many of the people that are dying are our parents and our grandparents and our neighbors. Many of them are veterans who have served our country.”

Photo: Getty Images

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