San Francisco Homeless Are Getting Free Booze. Pot, And Drugs

Gov. Gavin Newsom, you need to get your state under control.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the state, mayors have set up a program to put the homeless people on the streets into empty hotels.

Well a privately funded program is providing free alcohol, cannabis, and cigarettes to homeless people living San Francisco's hotels during the coronavirus.

San Francisco officials are trying to DENY that they ever knew about this, but let's be REAL.

We are rewarding the homeless and they are wasting tax dollars. Social media went off when the information leaked. But now officials are trying to backtrack.

The city’s Department of Public Health issued a statement claiming that “rumors that guests of San Francisco’s alternative housing program are receiving taxpayer-funded deliveries of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco are false.”

But it's not false. It really is happening.

DPH oversees the program and city workers, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, and security personnel are all staffed.

The goal is to keep the vagrants out of harm's way during the pandemic. Since many are addicts, they are getting the substance of their choose so they are more likely to stay in their rooms.

According to DPH spokesperson Jenna Lane, the philanthropists who helped purchase the substances wish to remain anonymous.

“Managed alcohol and tobacco use makes it possible to increase the number of guests who stay in isolation and quarantine and, notably, protects the health of people who might otherwise need hospital care for life-threatening alcohol withdrawal,” says Lane.

What an outrage...

For more information, please read here.

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