LA Inmates Intentionally Infect Themselves with COVID-19 to Get Released

After learning some correctional facilities are releasing prisoners to protect them from getting COVID-19, a group of inmates at an Los Angeles County jail managed to intentionally get themselves infected.

At a briefing, Sheriff Alex Villanueva released surveillance footage taken inside the North County Correctional Facility that shows inmates sharing a container of hot water in an attempt to raise their body temperatures just before they were due for a checkup.

Another clip shows a group passing around and sniffing a used protective mask.

According to Bruce Chase, the department's assistant sheriff of custody operations, within two weeks 21 inmates in the water container case had COVID-19 and nine prisoners from the mask incident were sick

But as it turns out, it was all for nothing because Chase says Los Angeles County does not have a policy that calls for the release of infected inmates.

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