Justice Dept. Signs Deal for AI System with Costa Mesa-based Veritone

COSTA MESA (CNS) - A two-year contract for an artificial intelligence operating system was announced this morning between Costa Mesa-based Veritone, Inc., and the U.S. Justice Department.

The aiWARE Government system will be ordered under the contract by the DOJ and the 94 United States Attorneys Offices throughout the country, according to a statement from Costa Mesa-based Veritone.

The DOJ identified the system as being able to meet its requirements for AI-enabled audio and video transcription and translation services and will speed up evidence discovery while “greatly reducing human labor and associated costs,” the statement said.

Creation of aiWARE Government was authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program in March 2019. The program underwent a review of its data security, data governance capabilities and practices and was certified on May 4, Veritone said.

“We appreciate being selected as the provider of AI-based transcription and translation services for the DOJ to assist their agencies with audio and video based discovery, securely and at scale,” Jon Gacek, Head of Government, Legal and Compliance at Veritone, said. “In our pursuit to help transform government operations through AI-enabled solutions that provide actionable intelligence and tools that save cost, resources and time, this contract represents a major milestone and opportunity for Veritone.”

Veritone describes itself as a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology and solutions headquartered in Costa Mesa with offices in Denver, London, New York, San Diego, and Seattle.

The value of the contract was not reported.

Photo: Getty Images

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