Vanessa Bryant Files Legal Claim Over Release Of Crash Site Photos

Vanessa Bryant continues her case against the Los Angeles Police Department regarding pictures that were taken at the crash site where her husband, Kobe Bryant, and eight other passengers, including their daughter, lost their lives back in January. 

Per People Magazine, Vanessa Bryant filed a claim in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday that sought damages from emotional distress and mental anguish.

"This [filing] solely is about enforcing accountability, protecting the victims and making sure no one ever has to deal with this conduct in the future," a spokesperson for the Bryant family told the magazine.

The Los Angeles County sheriff admitted that eight deputies shared the photos... And although it is a policy that sharing pictures of crime scenes is considered a crime, sharing pictures of an accident is not.

"Rather than formally investigate the allegations to identify the extent of dissemination and contain the spread of the photos, Department leadership reportedly told deputies that they would face no discipline if they just deleted the photos," the claim says.

Earlier this week a bill was submitted to the California Legislature that would make sharing pictures of an accident scene a crime punishable with one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

CBS2 reached out to the sheriff's department for a comment on the case, but the department has yet to release a statement.

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