State Releases Updated 'Pandemic Roadmap' As California Gradually Reopens

The state of California just released their updated "Pandemic Roadmap" that outlines the next steps that must be met by counties and businesses in order to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"California’s decisions to modify the Stay-at-Home order are based on science, data and public health," the update reads.

According to the state, 'Stage 2' is "NOT a return to normal," and counties will only reopen where the risk of COVID-19 is drastically reduced. Counties can move further into Stage 2 when they attest they meet California Public Health criteria.

In order for industries to reopen, they all must follow the new 'Industry Guidelines' which include:

-Performing detailed risk assessments

-Training employees

-Implementing site-specific protection plans such as cleaning protocols and physical distancing guidelines

There's also regional criteria that must be met by counties in order to reopen, such as having no more than 1 case per 10,000 people in the last 14 days, and no COVID-19 death in the past 14 days.

Click HERE to read the full update.

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