Teacher Shawna Adam on How Teaching Has Changed During the Pandemic

The times, they are a changing and a group of people who know that probably the best are teachers!

Moving their classes online and having to deal with issues many wouldn't have thought of is now making an already tough job even tougher.

A listener of ours, Shawna Adam, a 22 year veteran of the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District reached out to us and suffice to say...we are kind of obsessed with her.

Besides dealing with a ton of challenges to make sure students are still getting the best education they can during the pandemic, she's also working with several groups to help other teachers.

She's also made an adorable YouTube channel where parents who are homeschooling their kids can see the concepts she teaches.

Shawna is joining Jen later this morning to talk about her work and the struggles she and other teachers are dealing with during this time.

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