Los Angeles Controller Releases Statewide Map of Food Resources

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin today unveiled a statewide map to food resources, which tracks more than 1,800 food banks, pantries and emergency distribution centers.

“There is an alarmingly high level of food insecurity in every corner of the state right now,” Galperin said. “Job losses, reduced work hours and school closures have made it hard for Californians to both pay their bills and get enough food to feed their families.”

Galperin said with unemployment at nearly 20% statewide, food banks are serving up to 10 times more Californians during the COVID-19 pandemic than before.

The Office of the Controller in April unveiled two local Southern California food resource maps that track all of the food banks and pantries in the city and county of Los Angeles, which Galperin said were used by tens of thousands of people within days of their release.

A comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Hub was later constructed by the Office of the Controller to make it easier for people to access hundreds of available federal, state and local resources.

Users can navigate the Food for Californians map by clicking on the dots or searching by address to find a food resource near them.

Each dot represents a separate food distribution location and includes the name, address and contact information. Galperin said people seeking assistance should contact the location they want to visit in advance to verify its operating hours and determine its service area.

Some locations may also ask for photo identification and supporting income documents.

In addition to free food resources statewide, the Food for Californians map shows the locations of grocery stores in Los Angeles County with special shopping hours for seniors, individuals with disabilities and the immunocompromised.

The “Food for Californians” map is accessible at lacontroller.org/foodforcalifornians. All maps and additional data can be found on the controller's website.

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