Parolee Arrested Twice in One Day Expected in Court Today

A Glendale man who was arrested twice in one day last week is expected in court today after police in Glendale obtained a bail deviation that would ensure he would remain in jail despite the city's emergency "zero" dollar bail schedule.

David Frakes, 56, was released from his first offense Friday morning due to the city's order aimed at curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus in the city's jails, Kaila Olander, a spokesperson for the Glendale Police Department said.

Shortly after his released, officers were dispatched to a commercial burglary call in the 100 block of North Arts Avenue, where they noticed a window to a closed business was smashed. Officers also observed an interior door handle that had also been destroyed, Olander said.

“Officers made entry to check for any possible suspects and noticed a portion of the business had been flooded by a toilet that been vandalized,” she said.

While searching the business, officers found Frakes rolled up in some carpeting in an elevator. Frakes, who is already on parole for assault with a deadly weapon, was arrested on suspicion of commercial burglary and felony vandalism.

Because of the city's emergency zero-bail rules, Frakes was set to be released once again. However, police obtained a bail deviation set at $20,000.

He is due in court Thursday.

Photo: Glendale Police Department

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