Nike To Donate Shoes Designed Specifically For Frontline Healthcare Workers

Here's some good news!

Shoemaker Nike just announced they will be donating 30,000 pairs of shoes, designed specifically for healthcare workers, to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.

Released in November 2019, Nike will donate pairs of their Air Zoom Pulse, the company's "first shoe designed for the healthcare athlete - the everyday hero", according to the company's statement.

“From one athlete to another, Nike athletes recognize the physical and mental resilience of healthcare athletes,” the brand added.

When designing the shoes, Nike wanted them to be made specifically for long wear, so they spent time studying the work of healthcare workers in Portland. They also made sure that the shoes were designed to have extended comfort, as well as protection against spills.

"Nike is also donating products with innovations that can help meet the needs of healthcare workers right now, such as Dri-FIT t-shirts (with sweat-wicking properties to help keep athletes cool under personal protective equipment), soccer socks (with mild compression that can help relieve minor swelling of feet, ankles and legs) and gear that helps keep them properly hydrated," the company statement read.

The shoes will be donated to frontline healthcare workers in Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Memphis, Milan, New York City, Paris, and across Belgium.

Check out the full report on Fox11.

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