Airbnb Warns Against Parties in Los Angeles

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In an effort to protect their health of their customers, Airbnb issued a warning today to anyone who might use their service to throw a party at their properties in the Los Angeles-area.

“The month of May brings with it many moments worth celebrating for Angelenos -- from high school and college graduations to Memorial Day weekend festivities,” the company noted in a statement.

“Under typical circumstances, Airbnb empowers our hosts to set house rules on events and parties that are appropriate for their communities. However, these are very different times, and public health must come first. To that end, we have previously announced that we will not allow for hosts to authorize parties and events in regions where current public health mandates prohibit events and gatherings.”

On Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the state would enter Stage 2 of reopening with some low-risk retail stores being allowed to reopen for pickup. However, bans on gatherings and mandates on social distancing remain in effect, and because of that, Airbnb reminded potential partiers their new policy meant they would not allow any type of party at their properties in Los Angeles until further notice.

“We want to be very clear -- not only will we ban guests who attempt to throw an unauthorized party in a Los Angeles area Airbnb listing, we will be cooperating with LAPD and other law enforcement authorities in any investigations relating to parties and violations of public health mandates, consistent with our Terms of Service.”

According to a statement from Airbnb in January, the company removed 28 listings at properties in the Hollywood Hills that had been identified by the Los Angeles Police Department as “chronic party houses” that created a substantial nuisance.

Airbnb said in their statement that they decided to reinforce the policy by disabling the 'event-friendly' search filter, which customers typically use to seek out venues where they can hold parties and gatherings.

"We continue to temporarily remove the `parties and events allowed' rule from the House Rules of any Los Angeles area listings that formerly authorized parties," Airbnb added.

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