Airbnb To L.A. Renters: Do NOT Throw House Parties During The Pandemic

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Were you planning on throwing a party to celebrate? Well, you might want to think twice... Not only for your own safety, and because of the social distancing orders currently in place, but also because you just might get banned from Airbnb.

Airbnb is a home-sharing, online marketplace primarily used as a way for locals to rent out their homes to visitors and tourists. But now, the company is warning Los Angeles to not throw parties at their rentals. At least not during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We want to be very clear — not only will we ban guests who attempt to throw an unauthorized party in a Los Angeles area Airbnb listing, we will be cooperating with LAPD and other law enforcement authorities in any investigations relating to parties and violations of public health mandates, consistent with our Terms of Service,” the company announced on Tuesday.

Usually, guests are allowed to throw parties at Airbnb homes through an "event-friendly" feature, as long as they get permission from the hosts first. But the company recently disabled that feature on their website, in order to deter any of those gatherings that are currently banned under L.A. County's safer at home order.

“Under typical circumstances, Airbnb empowers our hosts to set house rules on events and parties that are appropriate for their communities,” the company said in a news release. “However, these are very different times, and public health must come first.”

For more information, head on over to CBS Los Angeles.

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