5-Year-Old Steals Parents' Car to Buy a Lamborghini After Mom Won't

Born to be wild, a 5-year-old boy decided to steal his parents' car and leave his home in Utah to move to California...all because his mom refused to buy him a Lamborghini.

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper says he spotted what he thought was an impaired driver, as the SUV was only going about 30 mph and swerving through lanes.

After stopping the vehicle, the trooper was surprised to see the little boy who was barely able to see over the steering wheel.

After talking to him and asking why he stole the car, the boy tearfully told him about the Lamborghini argument.

It also turns out the kid only had $3 in his wallet, so...probably not enough to buy a Lambo.

His parents were called and they collected him and the car safe and sound.

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