Police Aren't Doing Anything About Losing $20,000 Of Equipment

Listener Christopher Melendez is in a crisis with the Corona Police Department. He sent us this email below:

"There is a big problem right now with the police not doing anything about crime.

I had my work truck stolen from job in Riverside. The police told me that they can't do anything about it even if they caught the suspect because they will just let them go with a ticket. There was a guy that saw him and could identify him but the police didn't want to take his info because they said it didn't matter because they won't do anything about it.

Corona's Police Department found the truck on Sunday and had me pick it up almost every thing was stolen from it about $20000 in equipment. I looked in the back and told the police department that it looks like they were stealing trailers with truck because of tire chucks in back that weren't mine. He told me that they won't do anything with prints or DNA because the district attorney will just throw out case.

I talked with manager from Farmer Boys that called in the truck about being there and he said the guy helped him cut lock off front of store and he could identify him but police don't want to do anything.He also gave me security video of suspect but i guess police didn't want it or cared.

I gave the police IDs in truck that weren't mine even after he said he looked in truck for evidence. I asked pd whats going to happen if people start handling things on there own and he basicaly told me i would be arrested for it."

Attached below is a picture of the suspect. Let's help Christopher out! Something needs to be done.

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