NorCal Official Fired After Saying Elderly, Homeless Should Die in Pandemic

A Northern California city official has been removed from his seat after saying that old, sick and homeless people should be left to die during the pandemic.

Ken Turnage was the chairman of the city planning commission in Antioch.

His comments were posted to Facebook in a since deleted post.

In it, he called for the most vulnerable members of society to be left to die in the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported in the Huffington Post:

“The World has been introduced to a new phrase Herd Immunity which is a good one,” he wrote in the since-deleted post. “In my opinion we need to adapt a Herd Mentality. A herd gathers it ranks, it allows the sick, the old, the injured to meet its natural course in nature.”
Turnage added that “homeless and other people who just defile themselves by either choice or mental issues” should also be allowed to perish as this “would fix what is a significant burden on our Society and resources that can be used.”

Antioch Mayor Sean Wright asked Turnage to step down last week and when he refused, the City Council voted Friday to have him removed.

Turnage defended his comments, saying “targeting me with repercussion for this is a direct violation of my First Amendment rights.”

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