Most States Can Start Relaxing COVID-19 Restrictions

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Everyone wants to know.

When can America finally reopen? That's the burning question on Americans' minds.

Based on information founded by The Hill, they believe there are enough stats that prove that states can start relaxing on their strict measures.

California is one of these states. Since mid-March, they've been on a severe social distancing guidelines. However monitoring the CDC's data, shows that the pace of COVID-19 has declined.

The peak of hospital admittance reached in March 21 and 28.

Cities like Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, and New Orleans show a dramatic decline once they put in place their emergency measures, not their social-distancing guidelines.

What this tells us is that states can start letting their restrictive means go. States need to focus on their hospitals staying above water. That can be done by adjusting policies specifically to hospital-admission rates of COVID-19 patients and local bed-capacity for their care (e.g., dedicating 50 percent of acute-care beds). Leading indicators like daily COVID-19–related outpatient and emergency-room visits can now be monitored to provide an early warning system.

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