Disney World Finds Man Quarantined On One Of Their Islands

Photo: Getty Images

Look, we all miss Disneyland and Disney World.

Life just isn't the same without the smell of churros, the busy crowd walking along Main Street, or even the smell of the water on the Pirates ride,

But we would never sneak in and start our social distancing on one of the rides.

Not everyone feels this way because a man was arrested in Florida after trespassing and setting up camp on an abandoned island in Walt Disney World. 

Richard McGuire was found on Disney's Discovery Island which has been closed to visitors since 1999. Officers said he had been there for a few days and was planning on camping out there for a week.

McGuire was charged with trespassing and is expected to be arraigned on June 2, court records show.

Now we all want to know... how did he do this?

Security personnel for Disney said they observed McGuire using a company boat on Thursday, and that several deputies looked for him on foot and by boat and air.

He told authorities that he didn’t know it was a restricted area—despite many trespassing signs and closed gates—and “that it looked like a tropical paradise,” according to an arrest report described by the AP.

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