19 Minors, Aged Nine To 16, Accused of Stealing Over $1 Million In Cars

Authorities in North Carolina say they have identified 19 minor suspects accused of stealing over $1 million in cars from multiple dealerships across the state. Officials tried to detain the group, which includes kids between the ages of nine and 16, but were denied "secure custody orders from the Forsyth County Department of Juvenile Justice for the involved juveniles."

Officials say that the group boosted 46 vehicles valued at $1,138,718 during 18 break-ins at 12 dealerships over the past two months. Authorities have recovered 40 of the 46 stolen cars.

19-year-old man was taken into custody in connection with the case after he was found in possession of one of the stolen vehicles. Mekeal Binns was arrested on March 25 and was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, resisting arrest, and violating probation.

While authorities are unable to arrest the suspected juvenile offenders, police officials are working with car dealerships to prevent future thefts.

Photo: Getty Images

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