Ventura County Woman Creates Adopt A Grad Page for Class of 2020

With schools having to close over the coronavirus pandemic, many high school seniors have missed out on major events.

From proms, sports championships, recitals and graduations, students are left mourning the loss of their senior year.

Camarillo resident Sara Reeves noticed this wave of kids and wanted to lift their spirits.

Reeves started the Ventura Class of 2020 Adopt-A-Grad page on Facebook where parents can post about their 2020 grads.

There, they can be "adopted" by people who want to let them know that their achievements have not gone unnoticed and even send them gifts.

The page is private and monitored by a group of moms and parents can request to join the group and decide how their kids will receive gifts once they’re adopted.

Almost 2,000 parents have posted and close to 200 graduates were adopted.

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